Ship your stuff!

I specialize in lifestyle product photography for your business. This means I provide you with quality product photos for your website, online store, print ads, the Amazon marketplace, and more. And I am not talking about simple, boring photos taken in a studio. I bring your products into the great outdoors and photograph them in action!

The process is simple. You ship your products to my Utah location, my team will shoot and edit the photos here, and then we will ship your products back to you.

In addition to a selection of unique and high-quality product photos, I also guarantee excellent customer service. Since my start as a professional photographer in 2005, I have worked with thousands of clients worldwide. I strive to create a personalized relationship with each client to ensure superior service, and I have worked regularly with many of my clients for over ten years. 

Price. $300/shoot. I like to keep project pricing simple and to the point. I do not charge by the photo, and you never need to worry about hidden fees. Each of my shoots takes about two hours and produces between 15 and 25 edited images. Do you want the raw photos as well? For an additional $20/photo, they are all yours!

Payment. Before beginning your project, my team will send you a proposal with a price quote and payment invoice. When you pay the invoice, you are accepting the project proposal. We accept all major credit cards. 

Project length. In general, projects are completed between one and two weeks (outside of holidays) from the time we receive your products and payment to the final delivery of your completed images. If your project involves a larger number of photos, additional time may be required to complete the project.

Photo delivery. We deliver your completed photos via our private image hosting server. Upon project completion, we will provide you a unique link and password to access your images. Log in to our server with your password to view and download your high-resolution photos. Your images will be stored on our server for future viewing/downloading at no additional charge. 

Photo licenses. As soon as your photos are delivered, the images are licensed to you so that you may use them on a royalty-free basis. This means that you may use any and all of the photos in your publications (print advertising, packaging, web, television, etc.) as often as you like – without having to pay us royalties! It is important to note that we do retain the copyright for delivered photos, and the images may not be re-sold to a third party without prior written permission.

Do you ship my products back when you are done? Yes, of course! Following the completion of the project, we will send you an additional invoice with the cost of return shipping. Or, you can provide your UPS/FedEx account number if you have one. Return shipping is limited to US addresses, in accordance with import and export regulations. If you do not want your products to be returned to you, we will donate them to a local charity or discard them.